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Join the Vayu Yoga® Community

On the Mat

Vayu Yoga® small group trainings of three to fifteen students foster personalized yoga and Pilates® practices. We address the daily needs of the students in each training, customizing the sequences for their specific mind-body requests. Students often comment on how much they learn each session, increasing their body awareness, building their yoga practice foundation, and taking their practice to a new level.

Off the Mat

Vayu Yoga® students develop life ‘tools’ through their yoga practices that equip them with better methods of dealing with stress, and approaching situations from a different mindset. A yoga practice should place a student in a frame of mind that is neither overly stimulated nor lethargic.

How to join the Vayu Yoga® Community

Whether you join our mailing list, participate in workshops, or attend the studio on a regular basis for your yoga or Pilates® practice, you will become a part of our community.

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