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Vibrant Living with Vayu Yoga®


Tune in twice a month on Tuesdays to the Vibrant Living by Vayu Yoga Show on KHTS AM1220. Learn how yoga can transform the way you view yourself and the world around you. If you miss our show live, you can listen to the podcast of each of our shows. Mobile version (below) and original version links provided.
Mobile Versions (Click Here for original version)
Inspiration - 10/14/14
Vision - 1/13/15
Success - 2/10/15
Consistency in your everyday life - 3/10/15
Positive Thinking Moving Toward Positive Action - 4/14/15
Law of Non-Resistance - 5/12/15
Soul Nourishment - 9/16/14
The Gift of Cancer: A Miraculous Journey to Healing - 9/9/14
Mind Body Practices  8/19/14
Pilates and Yoga: The Perfect Complementary Practices - 8/12/14
Being the best that you can be for your kids and the pressure for parents to be perfect - 7/15/14
Prenatal Yoga, and Preparing The Pregnant Body - 7/8/14
 Bones, Stress, 1 Year Anniversary - 6/17/14
 Flexibility & Stretching - 6/10/14
Acupuncture & Your Vibrant Heart - 5/20/14
Stress reducing through Meditation, Tapping and Yoga - 5/13/14
 Aerial Inversions - 4/22/14
 Personal Transformation - 4/8/14
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