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Vayu Yoga® Training Descriptions


Vayu Yoga® provides specialized, small group instruction (private, duet, or groups of 3-8 students), enhancing your practice through individual attention, and focusing on your safety and overall well-being. This is not your ordinary yoga class, our group trainings provide personalized attention in many unique offerings.


VY® Suspended

Vayu Yoga® is a trademarked suspended yoga practice, created by the owner, Wendy Hassenpflug, that incorporates an aerial fabric hammock to enhance a floor-based yoga practice and adds the elements of suspension and decompression through the support of the fabric.  Open to all levels. 

VY® Wall Yoga

Vayu Yoga®  Wall Yoga fosters a new awareness to a regular yoga mat practice.  This practice provides support to aide in balance and stability, and potential to discover new limits to yoga pose alignment through the use of traction.  This practice is perfect for the beginner to the seasoned yoga practitioner.  Offered in Level I and Level I/II.  

VY® VayuPur (Aerial + Wall)

Vayu Yoga®  is the signature practice at our studio, and was developed by the owner, Wendy Hassenpflug.  This unique yoga practice includes a combination of suspended (aerial) yoga and the Yoga wall, enhancing a floor-based yoga practice, by combining the elements of suspension in the aerial practice and traction in the wall practice.  Open to all levels.

Low-Flying Aerial Dance Series

Students can register for one session per week of the series, or both sessions.  This training will include conditioning and warm-ups that lead to choreography in both the hammock and silks. This is a perfect training to increase strength, stamina, and flexibility, while learning choreography. For those interested, the series will culminate with a showing at the end of the series.  

Series must be pre-paid.  No make-ups are allowed for series.  


Check the schedule to see when the next series is starting.

Classic Pilates Mat 6-Week Series

This series will combine various Pilates props that focus on toning muscles while helping your to achieve a balanced and strong physique. Participants pre-pay for the entire series, no make-ups are allowed. This is an excellent way to build a consistent Pilates practice.  Open to all levels.  No experience is necessary.  Series must be pre-paid.  No make-ups are allowed for series.  


Check the schedule to see when the next series is starting.

Pilates Reformer®

A Pilates® practice that incorporates exercises performed on the reformer, which uses resistance-loaded springs. The Pilates Method® is based on the concept of adaptation (continual process of changing physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, to adjust to a continually changing environment). The reformer provides a platform for the practitioner to implement adaptation throughout the entire session. This practice is good for all levels, including those working with injuries and limitations.  This training is available as a private or duet.


Intro to Reformer®

Experience the dynamics of movement based exercise where core strength, flexibility and length are the focus. The reformer is a resistance-based apparatus developed by Joseph Pilates.  Book your 30-minute introduction and see why the reformer is one of the most popular Pilates equipment.

VY® Basics

A general yoga practice that provides a foundational knowledge of yoga asana for the beginner or advanced yogi.  This training incorporates a variety of yoga styles to provide a solid foundation for any yoga practitioner.  Open to all levels.

VY® Blend

A popular yoga practice that incorporates a blend of various styles of yoga including Vinyasa flow, Hatha, Restorative, and Therapeutics.  Open to all levels.


VY® Gentle

Gentle Yoga is a class designed for people seeking access to traditional yoga postures regardless of their physical restrictions or level.  Moving at a gentle pace allows students to explore and grow at their own pace. Open to all levels.

Primordial Sound Meditation Series

Each class will differ as we set new intentions for our life's journey. Primordial Sound Meditation uses individually selected sounds of nature called mantras to disconnect us from the activity of daily life. Meditation calms the mind, and when the mind is in a state of restful awareness, the body relaxes as well.  Open to all levels.  

Series must be pre-paid.  No make-ups are allowed for series.  


Check the schedule to see when the next series is starting.

VY® Pilates

VY® Pilates is a therapeutic practice focused towards teaching modifications for specific injuries and conditions.  Exercises will be focused on strengthening the core, improving alignment, and flexibility.  Open to all levels.  This practice is especially good for students working with injuries or conditions.

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